InSpired Kinetic Sculpture

by Susan Pascal Beran

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Mixed Media, 12′ x 6’3″ diameter
Multiple and very close tolerance kinetics including
Ring of colorful glass houses revolving around equator in one direction
moved by giant anodized aluminum waves below
4 rings of people activated by clouds above all moving in counter direction to glass houses
and on 4 independent and different directions within that sphere of motion.
Located at Cultural Homestay International Headquarters in San Rafael, Ca. 2020

In Spire: Overviews

Looking Forward

Celebrates my most recent achievements and undertakings. It is a way to share with you new directions and new visions.

I want to thank the amazing people who have commissioned me to create for their environments, and who have, in many ways collaborated with me and ‘inspired” me to create these pieces.

I also want to thank the incredibly skilled and talented contractors who have assisted in fabricating these beautiful and superbly engineered sculptures. Additionally, I “want to in vite” you to consider commissioning new and inspired works yourselves.

Pleas feel free to contact me for more information about this process.

Looking Forward Gallery


Includes many kinetic designs from the past. The ones presented are the ones I feel have been perfected in terms of construction and motion, and which I continue to be really inspired to create. Most have more descriptive information on the main website.

Different versions, variations in style, size, colors, mountings are all available since each one is built for the individual.

These designs I am now offering as part of the show at prices I may have quoted you through this year, and which will be raised at a certain point in the upcoming year.

For additional information, or to request more images or videos of a piece please, please contact me.

Classics Gallery

Unique Creation

Each one of the sculptures in this gallery is one of a kind and especially unique in terms of it’s process and creation. They have been created for a special site or situation. Communitree for example was created as a totem for a boy’s orphanage in Tulsa Oklahoma. Tree of Tidings was made for travelers to and from the Dallas Area Transit systems, and has a myriad of greetings and well wishes inscribed in dozens of languages – it welcomes and blesses the travelers as they come and go. Remerge and Phoenix came from a piece commissioned  to honor the struggle of the people that survived the Cedar fire of 2004 in the San Diego area, and incorporates their burned out belongings in meaningful configurations that tell the story of their transformation through it all. And each one of these has a wonderful story and meaning which guided and directed their processes. Fell free to inquire about any one of them in particular or to inquire about commissioning one.

Unique Creation Gallery

Get in touch …

susanI would love to hear from you! Let me know what you think about the show and this new site. You can email me directly at or contact me below.

Interested in ordering a piece? Feel free to ask for additional information. More images and videos of the various designs are available, as are different option to make the sculptures as site perfect as possible.

Additionally, I “in vite” you to consider commissioning new and inspired works yourselves. Commissioning is an exciting way to create the treasure of a lifetime and a unique and visionary inheritance for generations.

Finally, if you wish to be notified of upcoming events, projects and undertakings, you can email me directly at and I can add you to an email list, or you can call me at (415) 456-5870.

In the meantime, enjoy!
Susan Pascal Beran

Art in motion!

Video showing wind and water activated kinetic sculptures from late 1970’s through early 2000’s by Susan Pascal Beran and early ones made in collaboration with her late husband, Josef Beran, who died in 1986.