Susan Pascal Beran

About the Artist

Susan Pascal Beran has been creating sculpture for over 30 years. She specialized in large scale kinetic art that is created to celebrate the environments in which they are situated. By using weather resistant and highest quality materials, she creates art that endures and designs motion not only to survive the elements and specific challenges of each site, but to benefit from them, play with them, and story-tell about them.

Pascal Beran’s art serves as totems for communities and their landscapes because it identifies and unifies individual aspects into the whole in a way that speaks about dreams and aspirations. Her installations are located around the country at many public and corporate locations and also in select sites abroad and private collections. She has received numerous awards and recognition including being featured on t.v. shows and in movies.

Currently, she is developing unique new designs of sculptural wind generators.

Many of her early designs that she exhibited at art shows and galleries around the country are still available by special order as they are limited editions which are almost filled. if you are interested in these early designs and her earlier site and sales, you can access it here: