Unique Creation – Video Gallery

Each one of the sculptures in this gallery is one of a kind and especially unique in terms of it’s process and creation. They have been created for a special site or situation. Communitree for example was created as a totem for a boy’s orphanage in Tulsa Oklahoma. Tree of Tidings was made for travelers to and from the Dallas Area Transit systems, and has a myriad of greetings and well wishes inscribed in dozens of languages – it welcomes and blesses the travelers as they come and go.

Remerge and Phoenix came from a piece commissioned  to honor the struggle of the people that survived the Cedar fire of 2004 in the San Diego area, and incorporates their burned out belongings in meaningful configurations that tell the story of their transformation through it all. And each one of these has a wonderful story and meaning which guided and directed their processes. Feel free to inquire about any one of them in particular or to inquire about commissioning one.